1 in 5 breast cancer patients

who undergo lumpectomies will be called back for a second surgery or re-excision, due to positive margins. Some studies show that this rate of re-excision is even higher in some centers.

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Studies show The MOZART® System improves surgical outcomes. The use of The MOZART System decreased re‑excision rates by more than half.²

Studies Show the MOZART System
Improves Surgical Outcomes:
"The Use of the MOZART System
Decreased Re-Excision Rates By More Than Half."
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Why is this Important?
The Cost Of Re-Excisions:
Patients Who Have A Re-Excision Are 2-8x More Likely To Have Their Cancer Come Back At A Later Date.
Patients Who Have A Re-Excision Are 2x More Likely To Experience Surgical Infections.
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About The MOZART System:

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