A leader in specimen imaging systems and margin management technology.

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We are driven by
our manifesto

Impatience is our virtue.
  • We are guided by the belief that nothing is more important in breast cancer surgery than having the confidence of clear margins at the time of surgery.
  • So we make technology that empowers clinicians in the operating room.
  • To see more, to act more decisively.
  • We maximize the power of right now.
  • Of being in the moment, making decisions that help remove doubt.
  • There’s never been a better time than right now to change the status quo of breast cancer surgery.
  • To improve the outcome for every patient.
  • Because breast cancer, our foe, knows no patience.
  • It moves fast, so we move faster.
  • Wait and see? Not for us.
  • Urgency is our calling.
  • Restlessness is our mission.
  • We don’t have time to have time.
At KUBTEC, right now is OUR time.

Our company history & focus

KUBTEC, a minority woman-owned company, was founded in Stratford, Connecticut in 2005 and is a progressive research and technology company dedicated to developing 3D tomosynthesis solutions for precision breast cancer margin management.

We design world-class innovative, patented, and proprietary 3D specimen imaging and surgical margin management systems for the OR, Pathology Lab, and Biopsy Suite.

Why 3D
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Our core values

Driven by excellence

We believe in giving surgeons the power to act decisively in the moment. It’s what drives us to improve our science, our service, and ourselves.

Reach higher

We are a team of like-minded technologists who embrace a spirit of originality and imagination to push the boundaries of what is possible. We don’t look at this as a job, it’s a calling, our lives’ work.

Do the right thing

We believe in doing things honestly. Personally. Thoughtfully. We take responsibility for our actions and treat others with dignity and respect.

Make an impact

We strive to make a life-changing difference for breast cancer patients. Every surgery is an opportunity to improve someone’s life.

Create social change

We champion our role as good corporate citizens. We are driven to make a difference by supporting initiatives that reduce inequality, and improve the health and well-being of those around us.

Working at KUBTEC

At KUBTEC, we don’t just build products - we make technology that empowers medical & scientific professionals. We build. We code. We invent. We commercialize. We are innovators within our space with a goal of providing a new era of technology for the healthcare field.