High Resolution X-ray Images

The XPERT® 40 System provides high-resolution specimen X‑ray images combined with essential workflow management tools. It enables surgeons and radiologists to review specimen images right there in the operating room, a practice which has been shown to save time. For example, in a study of 150 patients, it was concluded that "Intraoperative mammograms as read by breast surgeons were as accurate as standard films while saving an average of 19 minutes per operative procedure."1

Features of The XPERT® 40 System

HD Optical Camera

Captures detailed optical images, enabling you to visually orient your specimen accurately, in real-time.

Specimen Alert

Notifies you if a specimen is accidentally left inside the system.

The Image Blender™

Combines optical and X-ray images for a most comprehensive view of the specimen’s anatomy.

Image Gallery

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The XPERT® 40 System Image Blender™ Gallery


What is The XPERT® 40 Specimen Radiography System?

The XPERT® 40 System is a cabinet X-ray system that provides high-resolution specimen X-ray images. Its mobile design allows easy transport between the operating room and biopsy suite.

How does The XPERT® 40 System reduce procedure time?

The XPERT® 40 System streamlines the imaging process, allowing surgeons and radiologists to review specimen images intraoperatively, right in the operating room. This reduces the time needed to obtain and review images, leading to faster procedures.

What features make The XPERT® 40 System easy to use?

The XPERT® 40 System is equipped with several proprietary features designed to improve ease of use. These include intuitive operating software, a HD optical camera for visual orientating of your specimen, and the Image Blender™, which combines your X-ray and optical images for a comprehensive view of your specimen’s anatomy. Different levels of magnification are also included, and the system requires no special training for the operator.

Can The XPERT® 40 System be integrated with existing hospital IT systems?

Yes, The XPERT® 40 System interfaces seamlessly with PACS and supports wireless connection, allowing for easy integration with existing hospital systems for efficient data management.

What is the imaging area of The XPERT® 40 System?

The XPERT® 40 System imaging area is 5 inches x 6 inches (12 cm x 15cm).

What other tools are included with the XPERT® 40 System to enable specimen assessment?

The XPERT® 40 System offers different annotation tools to meet the specific needs of users. From image annotation and measurement to text and magnification zoom, users can tailor the system to their preferences and workflow.



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  1. Kaufman et al. Intraoperative digital specimen mammography: prompt image review speeds surgery The American Journal of Surgery 192 (2006) 513–515