The Precision Probe

Meet the Gamma Probe of Tomorrow

A modern, highly innovative gamma detection system optimized for today’s fast-paced clinical environment. The unique crystal technology at the heart of GammaPRO® is a pivotal advancement in probe design that sets a new standard for sensitivity and reliability. The probe also has a narrow tip, is easy to use, and integrates smoothly into the OR workflow.

High-Sensitivity Crystal Detection Technology: Accurate & Precise

GammaPRO® utilizes high-sensitivity crystal technology and built-in collimation filters to reduce background noise, ensuring accurate measurements.

Designed for Personalized Precision Surgery

The probe’s titanium tip is very narrow (11 mm diameter), essential in minimally invasive surgeries with smaller incisions into deeper areas.

Experience the difference for yourself


Next-Generation Features for
Ease of Use & OR Workflow Integration


Rugged tablet, custom software, large display for swift navigation.

Easy Sterilization Even with Battery

Compatible with common sterilization methods and the battery can be left inside.

Long Battery

Wireless probe with 15+ hours of battery life.

Smart Power Management

Enters sleep mode automatically. Reconnects with a simple touch.

Integrated with Imaging

Exclusive integration with KUBTEC imaging systems to use the software on the imaging system screen.

Multiple Isotope Selection

Works with 9 different isotopes: Tc99, I125, Co57, In111, Lu177, I131, I123, F18, Ga68.

Other Functionalities

Includes labeled nodes, maximum cps, and much more.

Probes for a Variety of Applications

Standard Probe

Angled Probe

Laparoscopic Probe


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