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High Quality, 3D Intraoperative Imaging of Surgical Margins

The MOZART iQ system utilizes 3D specimen tomosynthesis – which is setting a new standard of care for breast cancer surgery. Unlike traditional 2D X-ray, you can see more detail by viewing the specimen in 3 dimensions allowing you to accurately and precisely target a tumor.2

Just as in diagnostic mammography, 3D specimen tomosynthesis enables easy and effective analysis in 1 millimeter digital slices. Each slice has its own margin, and can be viewed independently, unobscured by dense tissue above or below.

Click to view 1mm slices of a lumpectomy.

The MOZART iQ system is also the only 3D intraoperative specimen imaging system that utilizes amorphous selenium direct capture imaging, the same technology used in best in class mammography systems worldwide. It provides crisp, high quality images allowing you to see more detail. With 3D magnification you can see finer details such as microcalcifications, spiculations, lymph nodes and cavity shaves, more clearly.

More Confidence.

Clinically Proven Results

The MOZART iQ system empowers precision surgery by providing an exceptionally clear view of your surgical margins. This means you can be confident in the effectiveness and efficiency of your procedure. 3D specimen tomosynthesis technology is clinically evaluated and proven to deliver results that are important to you, your hospital and your patients.

  • Has been shown to reduce re-excisions by up to 50%2
  • Preserves healthy tissue for better cosmesis3
  • Improves surgical efficiency and lowers costs7