The MOZART System – margin management for the operating room

The MOZART iQ® 3D Margin Management System

The MOZART iQ 3D Margin Management System, the latest advancement in breast cancer surgery from KUBTEC. MOZART iQ uses intraoperative 3D tomosynthesis X-ray technology, as well as amorphous selenium direct capture imaging technology, to provide an exceptional view of surgical margins. This new system is exclusively available in the US and Canada

The MOZART iQ system utilizes 3D specimen tomosynthesis - the standard of care in breast cancer surgery. Unlike traditional 2D X-ray, you can see more detail by viewing the specimen in 3 dimensions allowing you to accurately and precisely target a tumor.

3D specimen tomosynthesis technology is clinically evaluated and proven to deliver results that are important to you, your hospital and your patients.

  • Has been shown to reduce re-excisions by up to 50%1
  • Preserves healthy tissue for better cosmesis2
  • Improves surgical efficiency and lowers costs3

The MOZART Specimen Tomosynthesis System

The MOZART® 3D Specimen Tomosynthesis System

The MOZART System from KUBTEC is a major advancement in the surgical treatment of breast cancer. The System uses tomosynthesis, the gold standard for diagnostic mammography, to enable surgeons and radiologists to accurately identify positive or close margins, intraoperatively, right there in the OR.

The MOZART System is independently associated with lowering re-excision rates by 50% compared to Hologic Trident Specimen Radiography System² and enables surgeons to differentiate between healthy and involved tissue for greater breast conservation³ and ultimately a superior cosmetic outcome for patients.

Just as in diagnostic mammography, the MOZART System creates 3D images of breast specimens in 1mm digital slices providing superior views of lesions and margins through dense breast tissue and obstructions.

With an integrated HD camera, the MOZART System automatically creates optical images enabling you to visually orient your specimen accurately, every time, right in the OR. What's more, the MOZART System includes the proprietary Image Blender™ which combines your X‑ray and optical images for the most comprehensive view of your specimen’s anatomy. Innovative incorporation of voice control enables you to operate the system without breaking scrub.

The MOZART® Supra Specimen Tomosynthesis System

The MOZART Supra® 3D Specimen Tomosynthesis System

With its large 23 cm x 29 cm detector, the MOZART Supra system provides 3D imaging for breast surgery and pathology specimens of all sizes. 3D tomosynthesis technology is setting a new standard within the gross room and operating room by providing the most accurate way to view the anatomy of mastectomies, lumpectomies, bone, and all tissue types.

In the operating room, the MOZART Supra provides all of the benefits of the MOZART System for superior identification of surgical margins with the capability of accepting full mastectomy specimens.

Particularly for the gross room, the MOZART Supra features the proprietary Image Blender™ an essential tool that helps reduce turnaround time for the patient specimen. The Image Blender™ combines your X‑ray and optical images for the most comprehensive view of your specimen's anatomy.

The proprietary Automagnification feature takes the guesswork out of specimen magnification and eliminates the use of manual magtrays.

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