AAPA 48th Annual Pathology Conference | September 24-28 | Baltimore, MD

AAPA 48th Annual Pathology Conference | September 24-28 | Baltimore, MD

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Reducing turnaround time while maintaining accuracy is a critical challenge in the gross room. That’s why KUBTEC developed proprietary systems to improve efficiency, safety and increase the accuracy of cuts. Join us at AAPA: 48th Annual Conference and experience the future of specimen imaging.

                                                    Image Blender™

                                                                   The Image Blender is setting a new standard in the pathology lab by overlaying X-ray                                                                                 and optical images, providing the ultimate view of specimen anatomy.

Solution on display: The XPERT® 80-L Specimen Radiography System

With the largest detector available, the XPERT 80-L system images the widest variety of specimens ranging from the

smallest lymph nodes right up to a full-term fetus or adult femur.

  • Better Visualization
  • Greater Confidence
  • Improved Patient Care

Solution on display: The MOZART® Supra 3D Specimen Tomosynthesis System

3D tomosynthesis technology is setting a new standard within the gross room by providing the most accurate way to view the anatomy of mastectomies, lumpectomies, bone, and all tissue types.

  • Higher Resolution
  • Auto Magnification
  • Voice Control

Solution on display: GammaPRO® - Wireless Gamma Detection System

Sensitivity : GammaPRO system helps you improve surgical precision by locating and discriminating radiolabeled tissue even in the most complex cases

Resolution: Extraordinary spatial resolution, fast dynamic response time, and intuitive software, the GammaPRO system provides precise directional guidance during operation

Reliability:  15+ hours of battery life and reliable Bluetooth connection, the
GammaPRO system is always ready when you need it

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