ASBrS Annual Meeting 2024 | April 11-13 | Orlando, Florida

ASBrS Annual Meeting 2024 | April 11-13 | Orlando, Florida

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KUBTEC Medical Imaging at the ASBrS Annual Meeting 2024

April 11-13 | Orlando, Florida

Solution on display: The MOZART iQ® 3D Margin Management System

Setting a new standard of care for breast cancer surgery.

MOZART iQ® is the only specimen radiography system  which offers the same core technologies as the leading mammography systems - 3D tomosynthesis X-ray technology and amorphous selenium direct capture imaging technology - to provide an exceptional view of surgical margins, helping surgeons confirm margin status right there in the OR, enabling effective margin management. MOZART 3D imaging technology has been shown to reduce re-excision rates, preserve healthy breast tissue, and improve efficiency.

Solution on display: GammaPRO® - Wireless Gamma Detection System

A modern, highly innovative gamma detection system optimized for today’s fast-paced clinical environment. The unique crystal technology at the heart of GammaPRO® is a pivotal advancement in probe design that sets a new standard for sensitivity and reliability. Its narrow tip, ease of use and maneuverability make GammaPRO® ideal for precision surgery.  It is also the world’s first and only gamma probe to be fully integrated with intraoperative specimen imaging systems.

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