KUBTEC Announces New Website For Scientific Digital Imaging and Irradiation

KUBTEC Announces New Website For Scientific Digital Imaging and Irradiation

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KUBTEC today announced the launch a new website focused on the applications of digital X-ray imaging and irradiation in research, industrial testing and forensic applications.  

www.kubtecscientific.com is a one stop location for the KUBTEC’s Digital Imaging, Analysis and Irradiator product lines which provide solutions for KUBTEC’s customers in Forensics, Agricultural and Clinical Research, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals and other scientific sectors. In addition the company offers leading edge analysis packages for Bone Mineral Density and is the only provider of 3-D Tomosynthesis for individual specimens.  

Vikram Butani CEO said “The scientific community represents an important customer group for us, and is extremely diverse and dispersed. Our customers range from medical examiners and forensic anthropologists investigating cause of death; to agricultural researchers examining and counting seeds; to manufacturers examining and counting components. We believe there are many applications for our technology out there that we don’t even know about. Our goal is to ensure that KUBTEC is “First in Mind” when members of this community are looking for X-Ray based solutions for their programs. We have created this new website to simplify their search process.”  

Kubtec Scientific is focused on creating digital X-ray solutions for Science and Research, Forensics and Non Destructive Testing. KUBTEC products include digital X-ray imaging, Irradiators and Software analysis packages form Bone Mineral Density and 3-D Tomosynthesis.

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