KUBTEC Granted Additional Patent for Breast Specimen Imaging Using 3-D Tomosynthesis

KUBTEC Granted Additional Patent for Breast Specimen Imaging Using 3-D Tomosynthesis

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KUBTEC announced today that the US Patent Office has granted the company an additional patent for its technology used for breast specimen imaging using 3-D tomosynthesis.  

The patent, Specimen Radiography with Tomosynthesis in a Cabinet (Patent Number 9,642,581 B2) was issued on May 9, 2017 and refers to technology currently embodied in the KUBTEC Mozart® System, the only intraoperative specimen imaging system to use 3-D Tomosynthesis to give breast surgeons a superior view of their surgical margins. A recent study has demonstrated that the use of this technology enables significant reductions in surgical re-excision rates when compared to the more traditional 2-D planar imaging.  

KUBTEC’s CEO, Vikram Butani said, “This patent is recognition that our continued investment in new technology specifically for breast cancer specimen imaging is resulting in new products that really make a difference to people’s lives. As the healthcare market shifts its focus to reimbursement based on quality of care and patient satisfaction, we are positioned to provide solutions that impact these metrics by improving surgical accuracy and reducing avoidable re-hospitalizations for breast cancer patients. “  

Dr. Chester Lowe, Chief Technology Officer at KUBTEC added “This new patent strengthens KUBTEC’s proprietary position as the world’s only manufacturer of 3-D Tomosynthesis imaging for intraoperative use. We plan to continue our development of this technology and to extend its application into new areas that help our customers provide better outcomes for their patients.”

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