KUBTEC Medical Imaging Launches New Corporate Messaging & Website for Clinicians and Laboratory Professionals

KUBTEC Medical Imaging Launches New Corporate Messaging & Website for Clinicians and Laboratory Professionals

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Stratford, Connecticut, March 1, 2022. KUBTEC Medical Imaging, announced today that its new website at https://www.kubtec.com is now live. The new website reflects the direction of KUBTEC as it focuses on its commitment to the continued development of tools that enable improved clinical outcomes for breast cancer patients. 

Since its inception, KUBTEC has been recognized as a leading provider of surgical specimen imaging systems for Radiologists, Surgeons and Pathologists. However, since the introduction of the company’s proprietary Mozart System, used by surgeons worldwide to improve surgical precision during breast surgery, the company has firmly established itself as the market leader in the area of breast cancer margin management.  

John Leach, Vice President of Marketing at KUBTEC stated that “Margin management is a crucial step in the successful surgical management of breast cancer, and we see ourselves as leading the way in this space for the foreseeable future. Our product pipeline is focused on providing solutions to healthcare providers that enable more precise surgery, reduced rehospitalizations and better post operative cosmesis.  That’s good news for the patient, the physician, and the payer.” He added “Of course we will continue to provide innovative technologies for the traditional specimen imaging markets in pathology and biopsy which remain an important focus for our commercial strategy.”  

KUBTEC has been revolutionizing the breast cancer space with its 3D tomosynthesis technology. They are the only medical imaging organization in the market to deliver this technology directly in the operating room to surgeons. Their product the MOZART System utilizes 3D tomosynthesis to provide surgeons with 1mm digital slices of their specimens for superior visualization of their surgical margins.  


Their new website highlights their brand-new messaging direction. The focus is on margin management and how their revolutionary technology is paving the way for better visualization, increased surgeon confidence, and reduction in patient callbacks.


KUBTEC’s new website features a dedicated Why 3D section, Education Portal, and Patients page.  


KUBTEC is challenging the status quo of breast cancer surgery and the excessive volume of re-excision surgeries. Through continuous research and development of our proprietary 3D tomosynthesis technology, KUBTEC is empowering surgeons with immediate visualization of surgical margins in the operating theater, helping to reduce re-excision rates, preserve healthy breast tissue, and improve patient outcomes.

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