KUBTEC® Medical Imaging Unveils New Product at ASBrS 2022

KUBTEC® Medical Imaging Unveils New Product at ASBrS 2022

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Stratford, CT – April 25, 2022 – At the American Society of Breast Surgeons 23rd Annual Meeting, KUBTEC® Medical Imaging unveiled the latest and most advanced wireless sentinel lymph node localization technology on the market.  

The launch of KUBTEC’s GammaPRO® is the latest development that the gamma probe market has seen in years. With its modern design, high sensitivity, reliable Bluetooth, and sterilization capabilities, the new gamma detection system from KUBTEC is redefining gamma probe performance.  

Our goal at KUBTEC has always been to build solutions that empower surgeons during operation, solutions that solve the current challenges that surgeons are facing. We strongly believe that the introduction of our wireless GammaPRO comes at the perfect time. This market hasn’t seen development in years, which has resulted in a standstill in gamma detection technology. Our GammaPRO addresses the challenges that surgeons face with their current gamma probes - Vikram Butani, CEO

KUBTEC’s GammaPRO Wireless Gamma Detection System is in a class of its own. In one solution, KUBTEC has been able to provide surgeons with:  

  • Higher sensitivity: Increased surgical precision by locating and discriminating radio-labeled tissue even in the most complex cases. In addition, the solution doesn’t require a collimator for increased sensitivity.  
  • Greater resolution: Provides extraordinary spatial resolution, fast dynamic response time, and intuitive software to increase precise directional guidance during operation. It can detect more isotopes than any other system on the market and can measure 3 simultaneously.  
  • Reliability: Provides surgeons with 15+ hours of battery life and reliable Bluetooth ensuring it is always ready when you need it.  

About KUBTEC Medical Imaging:

KUBTEC is challenging the status quo of breast cancer surgery and the excessive volume of re-excision surgeries. Through continuous research and development of our proprietary 3D tomosynthesis technology, KUBTEC is empowering surgeons with immediate visualization of surgical margins in the operating theater, helping to reduce re-excision rates, preserve healthy breast tissue, and improve patient outcomes.

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Stephany Ferreira, Marketing Manager


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