New Study from MD Anderson Cancer Center: Intraoperative Specimen Tomosynthesis Improves Margin Assessment in Breast Conservation Surgery

New Study from MD Anderson Cancer Center: Intraoperative Specimen Tomosynthesis Improves Margin Assessment in Breast Conservation Surgery

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A new study by the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center concluded that Tomosynthesis is highly accurate for detecting positive margins intra-operatively, compared to traditional 2-D imaging with extensive processing, in breast cancer patients undergoing segmental mastectomy. With statistics indicating that nationally, 20 to 30% of these patients need to undergo re-excision in order to obtain negative margins, there is a global need for a more accurate, rapid, and easy-to-use technology to enable improved patient outcomes.

The results of the study indicate that intraoperative Tomosynthesis is more accurate with greater specificity than Standard Extensive Processing at identifying positive margins, and is also a simpler process which is less likely to lead to unnecessary additional tissue excision. This is positive news for patients who are increasingly concerned about post-surgical cosmesis.

The study included 99 patients undergoing segmental mastectomy for breast cancer, and compared the clinicopathologic features of specimen margin status using Standard Extensive Processing and intraoperative Specimen Tomosynthesis using the Mozart Specimen Tomosynthesis System from Kubtec. The institution’s established SEP, while oncologically effective is a multi-stage process involving 2-D X-ray imaging of the intact specimen, gross evaluation of the specimen, then sliced into 5mm slices, and review of the multiple 2-D X-ray images of the sliced specimen reviewed intraoperatively by a radiologist.

Definitive margin status of each specimen was based upon permanent pathology evaluation.

The study can be found here.

The Mozart System is designed and manufactured by Kubtec of Stratford, CT.

The company uses proprietary Tomosynthesis technology, which creates images in 1mm digital slices to give radiologists, surgeons and pathologists an improved view of the anatomy of surgical specimens. This enables them to reduce the incidence of positive margins that often lead to repeat surgeries.

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