State Representative Matt Ritter, Speaker of the House Visits KUBTEC

State Representative Matt Ritter, Speaker of the House Visits KUBTEC

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Stratford, Connecticut - On Feb 6th 2023, State Representative Matt Ritter Speaker of the House, visited KUBTEC, a leading provider of advanced X-ray imaging solutions, to learn about the company’s growth and impact on the treatment of breast cancer worldwide. During his visit, Mr. Ritter met with the KUBTEC leadership team and toured the facilities, learning about the company’s cutting-edge technology and innovations. 

KUBTEC’s patented 3D tomosynthesis technology is used globally to help diagnose breast cancer earlier and with greater accuracy. The company’s commitment to improving patient outcomes is evident in its ongoing research and development efforts, and its investment in state-of-the-art facilities.


KUBTEC is challenging the status quo of breast cancer surgery and the excessive volume of re-excision surgeries. Through continuous research and development of our proprietary 3D tomosynthesis technology, KUBTEC is empowering surgeons with immediate visualization of surgical margins in the operating theater, helping to reduce re-excision rates, preserve healthy breast tissue, and improve patient outcomes.

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